"Mark Rini and Josh Ellman at Groov Marketing are dedicated, knowledgeable, and effective. They've earned the respect and trust of artists, record labels, and radio programmers alike. We love working with Mark and Josh and feel honored to have them on our team. They are relentless in their advocacy and they get results!"
"Mark and Josh at Groov marketing are the perfect example of a dream team that makes things happen. In my experience of working with radio promotion I must say it couldn’t be better. Since I have been with Groov my airplay has gone up and up. June 2007 Razdaz Recordz."
"What became almost immediately apparent when I first met you guys was your true love for the music. It's not only Robert Glasper, Bill Charlap, and Eldar with you, but the respect you display for Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Hank Jones, etc. You two genuinely care about an art form that has been, by far, the most important part of my life. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm saying, my friends. It's good to know that whenever my candle burns out, there'll be a Mark and a Josh doing what they do, and also taking care of that guy in Snow Shoes, Iowa who plays Basie, Glasper, Elling, Reeves, and Sassy!"
"I have been recording for many years and my albums (CDs) have always been high on the jazz charts but not until Mark and Josh of "Groov Marketing" worked on my CDs did I ever get to No.1 on the charts. In fact, two in a row .They are the best!"
"Always quality music from the highest quality people in the business. I don't know which I value more, the great music that Groov promotes or the friendships I've developed with Mark and Josh over the years. These guys know their stuff."
"You want to know the difference between lip service & full service....check in with the guys at Groov! They make Jazz proud!"
"I've known Mark and Josh since 2001..... Since that point, they have consistently lived up to every expectation I had of them. They are the street fightin' men of jazz radio. They are Inigo Montoya and jazz radio has killed their father. In short, buyer beware."
""Mark and Josh represent our labels, artists and music at the highest level. They have a strong work ethic, know the music and the artists, and are all-around good people. Mack Avenue considers them an integral part of our marketing outreach and we wouldn't have it any other way.""
"In the world of radio promotion there are record pimps and pushers whose goal is to make the almighty dollar without regard for exploiting an artist or degrading pop music. Thank the heavens for Groov Marketing, who shower jazz radio with music worth hearing, promoting and enjoying. Their expertise and consideration provides the pulse that makes Jazz groove by setting the beat, establishing a foundation and then pushing jazz music and artists to new heights by giving us nothing but the artistic best! Bright moments Groov Marketing, you make good thing happen on the jazz airwaves "
".....For many years now, I've had the pleasure of having my recordings placed in the eminently capable hands of Mark Rini and Josh Ellman of GROOV Marketing. Though, as a musician, one might want to believe in the purity of the communication, and that the music can and will find its audience all on its own. Well, that's just not the case! A CD is released only once and, as the artist, you have but one chance to do the right thing to help your music reach its 'target' audience, and beyond. By that I mean that you have to reach average, ordinary people - not just other musicians. And for that, you need the support of Jazz radio. I can honestly say that without the expert advice and help of GROOV Marketing, my recordings could have easily slipped into total obscurity. I am and will remain ever grateful to both Mark and Josh for their expertise and hard work on my behalf!!! Wishing you guys decades more of success!!!"