Patrick ButlerSonic Stew 2M.M.O.S. Music

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Guitarist Patrick Butler has created another musical stew. A stew is a dish where all the ingredients are thrown in together and stirred; Butler aimed for that process musically. Mixing the all-natural sounds of Guitar, Flute, Vibraphone, Soprano Sax, and percussion into a sound that percolates, bubbles, and boils. Each instrument seems to try to mix and blend with each other’s tonalities ala In a Silent Way or early Weather Report. Unlike the first Stew this current Sonic Stew Butler also shows the influence of Impressionistic era classical music. It’s a different mood than the tight disciplined arrangements of other Jazz styles.

Growing up in New Jersey Butler played with local jazz legends such as Ritchie Cole, James Spaulding, and Charles Earland at local jam sessions. Butler received his musical training under Harry Leahey who in turn took lessons from Johnny Smith and Dennis Sandole, who was John Coltranes theory teacher! . After stints with the Drifters, and the legendary funksters The Fatback Band, Butler moved to LA and hooked up with Stephen Perkins and Flea to record with their side project: Banyan.  After playing Celtic music for a decade Butler returned to the Jazz world and has recorded seven projects. His latest project is Sonic Stew Two where he employs the talents of Slam Nobles, Gilberto Torres Andre Allen, and Josh Harris whose resumes would be too long to mention here. So sit back and enjoy a musical feast.