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Sidney Jacobs First Man

First Man
Sidney Jacobs
Babychubs Records

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FIRST MAN, the second release by singer, songwriter, and arranger Sidney Jacobs, comprises seven original compositions by Jacobs, as well as songs by a diverse group of composers that includes Rodgers & Hammerstein, Bill Withers, Kendrick Lamar, Sacha Distel, and James Taylor. And the band is as diverse as the music, with seasoned professionals sharing the bill with up-andcoming young lions.

As a singer, Jacobs has a rich, resonant tone with fluid control of dynamics and phrasing. As a composer and an arranger, his music has a syncopated, polyrhythmic feel underlying richly constructed harmonics, with a hint of gospel, classical, soul, folk and R&B. As a lyricist, his writing reveals a thoughtful, probing mind that has more to say than can be confined within the parameters of a love song.

Whether Jacobs is re-imagining a rap or soul tune, or even an old chestnut like “My Favorite Things,” he imbues it with his sensitive and adventurous personality and spirit. According to Jacobs, “Jazz is, and always has been, a living breathing thing. That’s the beauty of it; just when you think that you’ve nailed what it is, it goes in a completely different direction. It’s like a beautiful, lyrical virus.”

1. First 0:12
2. First Man 5:38
3. Last Night 4:58
4. Undercurrent 0:15
5. My Favorite Things 3:50
6. Sabine’s Grind 6:19
7. Fly 6:46
8. The Story Teller 0:34
9. Lonely Town Lonely Street 6:07
10. Say What You Will 4:47
11. You Ain’t Gotta Lie 4:02
12. The Good Life 4:56
13. The Love Within You 6:30
14. Long Walk 5:12
15. Secret O’ Life 5:19

Sidney Jacobs vocals
Zephyr Avalon acoustic & electric bass
Michael Jarvey piano, electric piano, viola
Josh Johnson alto sax
Wendell Kelly trombone
Josh Nelson piano
Greg Poree acoustic & electric guitar
Nolan Shaheed trumpet
Justin Thomas vibraphone, marimba
Cathy Segal-Garcia backing vocal
Francesco Canas violin

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