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Brian Baggett Trio releases new recording “Groovin’ and Swingin’ at Green Lady Lounge” in the fall of 2022

Presented by Jazz Daddy Records and Green Lady Radio

CD Release Show at Green Lady Lounge on Monday, November 7, 2022

The legend of Kansas City jazz continues to grow and evolve, and Green Lady Lounge has become a key venue for continuing the city’s rich history of great guitar players.  In 2020, Brian Baggett Trio began a Monday night residency at Green Lady Lounge.  Brian had been appearing at the club since 2013 playing several nights a week as a member of Ken Lovern’s OJT and Guitar Elation with legendary guitarist Danny Embrey.  The stylings of Brian’s trio are heavily influenced by the dark and rich atmosphere of Green Lady Lounge.  The trio’s sound also incorporates the many different guitar styles Brian honed during his time making guitar demos for Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend.  The result is a highly listenable mix of jazz, blues, rock, R&B, and even Chet Atkins inspired country.

“Groovin’ and Swingin’ at Green Lady Lounge” was recorded live in Kansas City on September 27, 2021, and features Taylor Babb on drums and Ben Tervort on bass.  Brian first performed with Taylor at the KU Jazz Workshop more than ten years ago. They have shared the stage many times since then in DOJO, OJT, and Guitar Elation.  Ben Tervort is a fairly new name on the Kansas City jazz scene and was only 21 years old at the time this recording was made.

The all original music presented on this live album has been split into a Groovin’ set and a Swingin’ set.  Although a few of these songs have appeared on previous albums, here they are reinterpreted in the unique style and sound of this trio.  Below, Brian gives some insight into the songs featured in this release.

Groovin’ Songs:

Door Man” is a song heavily inspired by the instrumental, desert rock band Yawning Man. The “Door” part is a nod to the great Danny Embrey and his tune “Door Prize.”  Danny’s tune influenced the A section of Door Man.  I use a phaser on the B section in memory of Edward Van Halen.

Country Creek” was inspired by Borns’s song “Electric Love.”  I combined this inspiration with the Travis picking technique made famous by Chet Atkins.  I developed this technique to showcase certain guitars when I was making guitar demos.  I purposely moved the vibe of this song from light to dark and back.  The dark section was inspired by guitar great Robben Ford.

 “Boje Tea” is dedicated to my friend George Boje.  George is a big supporter of live music in KC, especially guitar players.  One of his favorite tunes is John Scofield’s “Green Tea” so my song for George uses those chord changes in a new key with two extra hits at the bottom of the form.  Around the time I wrote this song we lost the drummer from Rush, Neil Peart. “Boje Tea” has hints of “La Villa Strangiato” in the intro and song as a tribute to Rush and the incredible drumming of Neil Peart.

Albervan Street” is a simple, R&B ballad that utilizes the common jazz chord progression ii V I VI.  The melody was inspired by the innovative guitar band Chon.  The guitar sound is influenced by the new guitar sounds of Mac Demarco and Puma Blue.

Volkov’s Theme” is a song I wrote as part of a movie soundtrack.  One of the characters was a Russian mob boss named Volkov.  This is a challenging song to play because of the odd phrase length of the A sections.

My Blues and You Can’t Have Them” is my pandemic blues.  We all have our own blues inside of us.  This song is a simple slow blues in C with three unique choruses to it.  I drew some inspiration from Coltrane’s blues playing as well as guitarist Jim Campilongo and his rhythm playing on “Blues for Roy.”

Swingin’ Songs:

Ken Lovern, Kevin Frazee, David Basse and I used to play on a rooftop restaurant in Kansas City every Wednesday.  I wrote a blues, and we played it there once or twice.  Years later Kevin Frazee told me he had a version of it on a recording and that’s when we resurrected the “Rooftop Blues.”  It was also recorded on the OJT album “New Originals for the Green Lady.”  The slow version included on this album features some classic guitar double stops and a stylistic nod to Bill Frisell.  “Rooftop Blues” is dedicated in memory of my friend and favorite drummer Kevin Frazee.

Pretty Toasted” was inspired by the great tenor saxophonist Wayne Shorter.  When I initially wrote this song it was low and slow like the version recorded here.  This song and arrangement exemplify the vibe of Green Lady Lounge.

Baggy Blue Jeans” is a self-given nickname.  This blues is a study of drop two chord voicings and features a unique turnaround.  The tune is inspired by Wes Montgomery and the Latin bounce of Bird.

Going to Chi Town” was inspired by the Deep Blue Organ Trio.  It’s my tribute to Bobby Broom.  I’ve watched their DVD “Live at the Green Mill” at least a hundred times.  The version we play in the Brian Baggett Trio is also inspired by the classic guitar instrumental “Sleepwalk.”

14” is a fourteen measure blues that I wrote several years ago while sitting on a balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.  I had some help with the arrangement from Ken Lovern.  I believe he came up with some of the chord changes in the turnaround.  This one was loosely inspired by playing Larry Young’s tune “Backup” in the organ trio.

That’s What” is based on the modal form used in “So What” by Miles Davis and also John Coltrane’s song “Impressions.”  My take on this modal progression pays homage to the late Pat Martino using rhythms and techniques from his song “The Great Stream.”  Organist Ken Lovern and Drummer Todd Strait helped me work out the metric modulations between three and four on this song.  I use “That’s What” to showcase Ben Tervort and Taylor Babb on the version included here.


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Brian Baggett Trio
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