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LOS ANGELES, CA – Multi-platinum selling producer, songwriter, arranger Jason “Spicy G” Goldman, in collaboration with jazz vocalist Lia Booth are set to release their new LP, “There’s Only One”, on September 16, 2022.

The album features provocative takes on the great American songbook, as well as a trio of originals reminiscent of the classics. Expanding on Goldman’s previous album, “Hypnotized”, “There’s Only One” is filled with the vibrant sounds of a full big band and orchestra uniquely blended with today’s modern production sounds.

All songs were produced, arranged, and orchestrated by Jason Goldman. Says Jason about the project, “Lia and I are so excited for people to hear There’s Only One. We infused many different styles of music into this album, from classic jazz swing to Latin grooves to modern pop sounds all while honoring the tradition of the classic American songbook genre.”

There’s Only One pulls listeners through a range of emotions through poetic lyrics and the lush sounds of a full jazz orchestra. The album features powerful swingers, lush sultry ballads, and dramatic layered vocal choirs. Several of the songs are inspired by Latin music as well as the classic “It Had Better Be Tonight” which features compelling vocals in both Italian and English. Each individual track is unique, yet there is an undeniably satisfying sense of cohesion throughout the entire album.

In addition to the album containing renditions of songs written by esteemed musicians Cole Porter, Henry Mancini, George Gershwin, the album also features three original tracks, including “Dance For My Life”, “Symptoms”, and the title track, “There’s Only One”.

About Jason Goldman

Jason Goldman, known professionally as “Spicy G”, is a multi-platinum selling hit music producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer/arranger. Goldman has produced, written, and arranged for some true heavy weights in the music industry including mega-producer David Foster, Rod Stewart, Herbie Hancock, Steve Tyrell, and Michael Bublé among others. His arrangements and production have been featured on several of Bublé’s multiplatinum selling records, including his most recent #1 release, “Let It Snow” from Bublé’s Christmas – 10th Anniversary edition album.

About Lia Booth

Lia Booth is quickly establishing herself as one of Southern California’s most talked about young jazz vocalists. She has been making a strong impression and building a solid fan base with her fun, dynamic, and heartfelt performances. Booth has shared the stage with Jeff Goldblum’s Mildred Snitzer Orchestra and jazz trumpet great Arturo Sandoval.

There’s Only One – Official Liner Notes

While liner notes have all but faded from the music world, they have always been a small glimpse into some aspect of an artist’s project. We thought you would like to know how this album was created, so here goes:

In many ways, this album was created backwards. Typically when one begins the process of creating an album, one would select the artist(s), create a list of potential songs, find the correct keys for those songs (based on the singer) and decide on the mood and texture of the album & arrangements.

This project was created a bit more stream of consciousness. Looking to further develop and enhance the concept I had been working on with my previous EP Hypnotized, the typical break between projects did not occur. I was determined to keep the proverbial juices flowing and continue the blend of traditional jazz elements with subtle current production techniques.

Having heard ideas on 2 songs (Sway & Nature Boy), I began writing and producing the songs not knowing who would be singing them…always a dangerous thing to do. As most know, a vocalist’s range and tone vary from singer to singer and this would certainly have an impact on the key of the song. Having to put the arrangements in a new key could potentially change the orchestration, which in turn could change the vibe…not desirable.

After completing about three-quarters of both songs I had finally decided on a concept. I knew I wanted to use richer colors and darker hues with some of the songs being influenced by Latin music and culture. I proceeded to make an extensive list of American songbook songs that lived in minor keys that I truly loved, and began writing some original compositions with those parameters in mind.

I began working on this project towards the back half of 2020 and did not find a vocalist until the very end of 2021. I listened to, and reached out to, a wide variety of known vocalists during the course of the year. While some of them could have done the job on a tune or so, no one was clicking with the vision I had for the entire album. I needed a vocalist that was truly authentic to the songbook idiom. One that could sing a touching ballad, balance the nuances of singing with a full orchestra, swing a big band, and could add their own personal touch to the melodies and harmonies. It took me over a year but I found the person…Lia Booth.

After a phone conversation with Lia, she agreed to come in and lay down the vocals on the first two songs to see if  would be the right fit for the album. Literally the first time I met Lia was when she came in to the studio to sing on both Sway and Nature Boy. From note one, there was no question that she was the vocalist for this album.

Having been inspired by the tone of her voice, artistic presence, and professionalism, I began crafting demos of the songs on my list that I thought would match her voice and sound. Being that Lia was so fantastic and versatile, the pressure was on me to challenge us both.

I threw everything at Lia, Latin grooves combined with swing rhythms, an orchestral dramatic ballad, swingers combined with backbeats, and even topped it off with a non-traditional standard by Jefferson Airplane (White Rabbit). On each song it became apparent that Lia would fill these songs with her style, flare, and musical sensibilities.

Creating an album of this magnitude requires a ton of creative energy, artistic talent, and wonderful musicians. Thank you to all of the musicians who poured their heart and soul into every note and helped bring this album to life. Thank you to all of our behind the scenes talent (publicists, booking, and radio promo teams) while you may be behind the scenes, you are much appreciated and essential to our success. Finally, thank you to our families for their love and support. You are the catalyst for our music making.

Both Lia and I hope you enjoy our album. We had a blast making it for you.


Title: There’s Only One

Artists: Lia Booth & Jason ‘Spicy G’ Goldman

Recorded at G Street Studios January-April 2022

Track Listing & Order:

Side A

I Concentrate On You (2:49)

It Had Better Be Tonight (3:14)

There’s Only One (3:20)

Summertime (3:06)

It’s All Right With Me (3:18)

Side B

Dance For My Life (2:59)

Symptoms (3:40)

Sway (3:23)

Nature Boy (3:04)

White Rabbit (2:41)

All Songs Produced, Arranged, and Orchestrated by

Jason “Spicy G” Goldman

All Songs Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered by

Jason “Spicy G” Goldman


Jason Goldman – All Saxophones

Ryan DeWeese – All Trumpets

Jon Hatamiya – All Trombones

Matt Richards – Flutes, Clarinets, Bass Clarinet

Ryan Stewart – Guitar

Ryan Shaw – Drums

Henry Solomon – Alto Flute, Clarinet on Nature Boy

Leonard Chong – Violin on It Had Better Be Tonight

Alex Monsour – Cello on It Had Better Be Tonight