Makram Aboul HosnTransmigrationSelf-Released

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Transmigration is the sophomore album from Lebanese bassist & composer Makram Aboul Hosn  Link to name pronunciation, recorded in Beirut just three days after the port explosion which was watched from around the world. In fact, the dramatic events of August 4th were just one of a series of catastrophes to hit the country, following economic crash, mass protests and, of course, COVID-19. Originally scheduled to take place at a European studio with an international line up, Makram decided instead to invest in the local Beirut scene, bringing together some of the city’s leading jazz musicians – along with a handful of guests including US vibraphone star Joe Locke.

“Something inside me still insisted that we go ahead, and that our only way out of this downward spiritual/psychological spiral was the creative act of making music. As it has done hundreds of times before, music provided refuge for our bleeding hearts.”

On first listen, Transmigration is a swinging album which, with rich orchestrations that run through quintet through to 11-piece ensemble, showcases the intricate arranging skills of its bandleader Makram. But, as the name suggests, the music doesn’t rest there.

Through-composed ensemble sections, free improvisations and extended percussion features all contribute to make this an album which demands repeated listening, highlighting Makrams broad range of influences which encompass everything from Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, Monk & Mingus to Stravinsky and Ali Farka Touré.

Recording Info

  1. Betcha Sting
  2. WWMD
  3. Intro modjadji
  4. Modjadji
  5. Ever-recurring
  6. Papa bear
  7. Someday my prince
  8. Mine or blues
  9. Let me finish

Makram Aboul Hosn: Double Bass/Compositions; Tom Hornig: Flute/Soprano/Alto Saxophones; Nidal Abou Samra: Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Baritone Saxophones; Christopher Michael: Drums/Vibraphone; Khaled Yassine: Percussions

Guests: Joe Locke: Vibraphone on “Mine or Blues”; Tarek Amery: Flute on “Modjadji”;

Sima Itayim: Vocals on “WWMD”

Recorded by Jean Madani at Audio Addicts Studios in August 2020 Mixed/Mastered by David Darlington.