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With his Connected Bones, the musician and producer Freddy Andrej has brought together top musicians on both sides of the Atlantic and created a virtual ensemble that is unparalleled.

With Bill Reichenbach (Los Angeles), Freddy Andrej has inspired probably the most recorded trombonist in the world for his idea.

Furthermore, world-class trombonist and arranger John Fedchock (New York) and Felix Fromm (Weinheim), also joined the group.

The four musicians impress with their high-class trombone and tuba playing in every tune on the CD – the arrangers with their creative and brilliant arrangements.

Andrej belongs to a new generation of musicians. He builds on what already exists and uses it to develop something new, creative and contemporary. Through the intensive work on the CD he was able to further deepen and expand his already precise, clear and modern style. The challenge of successfully completing the CD production despite the unfavorable circumstances of the pandemic was his greatest motivation.

The repertoire includes pieces by Chick Corea (“Tones for Joan’s Bones”), Joe Zawinul (“Mercy, Mercy, Mercy”) and Bob Mintzer (“Ellis Island”), among others. These and other exclusive arrangements were recorded in the musicians’ respective home studios in Los Angeles, New York and Rhodt unter Rietburg (Germany) and sent to Freddy for editing.

Andrej’s composition “Home Is Where Your Bone Is” is both the song and the title of his debut album. In doing so, he musically expresses with great passion what he feels: no matter how much the pandemic affects life and the future, people will always be connected through music. The piece shows the love and devotion to the trombone, to music in general and to the people who listen to this acoustic work of art.

In addition to the band members, the arrangers and composers also include world stars such as Bob Mintzer, Jörg Achim Keller and Eiríkur Rafn Stefánsson.

It was and is important to the four top musicians to inspire people with their music and thus enrich their lives!