I can't recommend GROOV Marketing highly enough. I have used known publicists who charge a lot and do pretty much nothing. Mark and Josh have integrity and they stay in touch to tell you what's happening, which empowers the client in the long-term. They're great people and they care about the work they do. This sets them apart from the pack. I trust them 100%.
GROOV has helped Jazz Is Dead expand our reach to the traditional Jazz community, that at times, seem really tough to reach. They have helped us not only break through to top NACC chart positions, but maintain those positions.
Josh and Mark have been strategic and tireless collaborators in helping our fledgling label grow. They know and love the music, and that passion shines through in their work. We're incredibly grateful to have them as partners.
"These guys are the best! They are sincere, thoughtful, organized, hard-working and most importantly, they get results! Love working with them."
I hate you guys the least....
"Mark Rini and Josh Ellman at Groov Marketing are dedicated, knowledgeable, and effective. They've earned the respect and trust of artists, record labels, and radio programmers alike. We love working with Mark and Josh and feel honored to have them on our team. They are relentless in their advocacy and they get results!"
"Mark and Josh at Groov marketing are the perfect example of a dream team that makes things happen. In my experience of working with radio promotion I must say it couldn’t be better. Since I have been with Groov my airplay has gone up and up. June 2007 Razdaz Recordz."
"What became almost immediately apparent when I first met you guys was your true love for the music. It's not only Robert Glasper, Bill Charlap, and Eldar with you, but the respect you display for Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Hank Jones, etc. You two genuinely care about an art form that has been, by far, the most important part of my life. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm saying, my friends. It's good to know that whenever my candle burns out, there'll be a Mark and a Josh doing what they do, and also taking care of that guy in Snow Shoes, Iowa who plays Basie, Glasper, Elling, Reeves, and Sassy!"
"I have been recording for many years and my albums (CDs) have always been high on the jazz charts but not until Mark and Josh of "Groov Marketing" worked on my CDs did I ever get to No.1 on the charts. In fact, two in a row .They are the best!"
"Always quality music from the highest quality people in the business. I don't know which I value more, the great music that Groov promotes or the friendships I've developed with Mark and Josh over the years. These guys know their stuff."
"You want to know the difference between lip service & full service....check in with the guys at Groov! They make Jazz proud!"
"I've known Mark and Josh since 2001..... Since that point, they have consistently lived up to every expectation I had of them. They are the street fightin' men of jazz radio. They are Inigo Montoya and jazz radio has killed their father. In short, buyer beware."
""Mark and Josh represent our labels, artists and music at the highest level. They have a strong work ethic, know the music and the artists, and are all-around good people. Mack Avenue considers them an integral part of our marketing outreach and we wouldn't have it any other way.""
"In the world of radio promotion there are record pimps and pushers whose goal is to make the almighty dollar without regard for exploiting an artist or degrading pop music. Thank the heavens for Groov Marketing, who shower jazz radio with music worth hearing, promoting and enjoying. Their expertise and consideration provides the pulse that makes Jazz groove by setting the beat, establishing a foundation and then pushing jazz music and artists to new heights by giving us nothing but the artistic best! Bright moments Groov Marketing, you make good thing happen on the jazz airwaves "
".....For many years now, I've had the pleasure of having my recordings placed in the eminently capable hands of Mark Rini and Josh Ellman of GROOV Marketing. Though, as a musician, one might want to believe in the purity of the communication, and that the music can and will find its audience all on its own. Well, that's just not the case! A CD is released only once and, as the artist, you have but one chance to do the right thing to help your music reach its 'target' audience, and beyond. By that I mean that you have to reach average, ordinary people - not just other musicians. And for that, you need the support of Jazz radio. I can honestly say that without the expert advice and help of GROOV Marketing, my recordings could have easily slipped into total obscurity. I am and will remain ever grateful to both Mark and Josh for their expertise and hard work on my behalf!!! Wishing you guys decades more of success!!!"
"..I think you (Josh) and Mark are great promotion men. You did such a great job for Kurt (Elling) over the 11 years that I managed him, that I wished I had all of my artists with you. You not only got Kurt to #1on the charts several times, but even when he didn't have a record out, you and Mark still called me to set up interviews and promotions."
"Not only do I receive some of the finest music in the industry through Groov Marketing but these guys display a true passion for the artists they are promoting and the professionalism they have shown in all the years I've worked with them is always front and center. If the packacge has the Groov label on it….I can expect quality jazz."
"As a jazz and blues radio programmer, I love working with the Groov guys. They know what is hip and different about each CD or artist they're representing. They also do their homework and know what is hip and unique to each station they work with. I can always count on music that is creative, sometimes very accessible, sometimes a little challenging but always of the highest quality from Groov marketing to help me create the unique sound of WEMU, Ypsilanti. And, I can always count on the Groov team. They return my calls and e-mails. Even though WEMU is not in a top 20 market I always feel that the Groov guys respect me, my staff and our listeners as if we were in the top 10. That's a marvelous feeling! That's why they're successful: they represent high quality clients and deliver high quality service."
"I would just like to give a word of Thanks for the great jobs and works that Mark and Josh do in getting information and items out to our station... when we have a request or we need anything and send out e-mails to these young men they are always on top of things and respond in less than a day.. sometimes minutes or hours. It is great in the times that we are in to deal with a company that still takes care of the little man (stations) "
" When a Groov package comes across my desk, I open it and give a listen – even if I’ve got no idea who the artist is. That’s how much I trust the quality and taste of Mark and Josh’s selections. These guys have an ear for talent and a knack for getting them heard in the right places. They’re honest, hard-working and (best of all) know and care about the music. "
"I worked with Mark and Josh as a record label owner, and now as a jazz radio radio host. No one in the radio promotion business is more effective, organized, informed, persuasive, or harder working than these gentlemen. Not only do they provide consistent feedback to their clients, but many valuable results as well. "
"As a first-time CD artist with no prior public profile, I could not have been happier with the services that Mark and Josh at Groov Marketing provided for me in promoting my new CD over the radio. I retained Groov Marketing upon the recommendation of my producer and, to be frank, had little idea of what to expect. Mark shepherded me through the process of radio promotion from start to finish, setting goals for chart position and tempering any unreasonable expectations. It is clear that the team has deep ties with the music directors of jazz radio stations around the country (and some others -- I got airplay in Canada, the UK, South Africa and France), who trust them to send quality material to them. From what I can tell, Mark and Josh are in fairly close contact with the stations over the promotion period, soliciting feedback from the stations and following through with stations that have not reached a decision about whether to put a CD "in play." I received a report from them every Friday, with spreadsheets noting chart position, and goals for the next week. What struck me as extraordinary about the team was their responsiveness to any questions, comments or issues I might have had over the promotion period. Mark and I corresponded mostly through e-mail, and any e-mails I sent to him received an almost immediate, and appropriate, response. Since I tend to send e-mails at times other than normal business hours, I actually had to tell Mark that he could hold off responding to some of my e-mails until the next business day. One does not often receive that level of service. While I did not ultimately achieve the agreed hoped-for goal of cracking the top 50 in the Jazz Week charts, although we did reach number 61, this is something I can't fault the GroovMarketing team. They are consummate professionals who know how to do their jobs well and advocate for their clients. They get a five star review from me! Thanks, Groov Marketing."