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Eddie Barbash with Strings ‘For Murray and Lillian’ (Self-Released)

“This is one of the most important instrumental albums of our time. —Jon Batiste

Eddie Barbash follows his star turn on the Oscar-win- ning soundtrack of Soul with his debut studio release, a tribute to his grandparents, For Murray and Lillian.

Eddie Barbash has the unique ability to poetically deliver pure melody through his horn in a way that is astonishingly beautiful, arrestingly romantic and seemingly effortless. The atmosphere of this re- cording immediately brings forth a sense of wonder from a bygone era and makes you feel as if you knew Murray and Lillian. No one out there is capa- ble of doing what Eddie does.”

The original saxophonist on The Late Show with Batiste became a founding member this year of Cory Wong and The Wongnotes. After losing his grand-

mother Lillian Barbash during the pandemic, he decided to make an album of music he hopes she and his grandfather Murray Barbash would have loved.

The 8 songs on For Murray and Lillian encompass a wide range of musical genius, from Puccini to Porter to Ponce, but they have one timeless feature in common: an unabashed emphasis on melody. These are tunes that evoke the classic crooners of the Greatest Generation, transformed by the richness and versatility of Eddie’s unique, unmistakable sound.

The authenticity is enhanced by the use of recording and mixing techniques that are consistent with those of the era and aura Barbash evokes: the days of his grandparents in their youthful prime. Mixed by Jerry Boys of Buena Vista Social Club fame, the CD was recorded live in one room straight to tape and mixed with analogue technology.

For Murray and Lillian makes the old sound new. It sounds like an album that should have been made long ago but never was. It has benefitted from the wait.

  1. Estrellita (Manuel Ponce) 4:07
  2. Flambée Montalbanaise – (Gus Viseur) 2:37
  3. Love (Maid Marian) – (F. Huddleston and G. Bruns) 3:43
  4. Amorcito Corazón – (Manuel Esperón) 2:51
  5. Dança Da Fauna – (Kyle Athayde) 4:03
  6. Baby Mine – (Frank Churchill) 3:54
  7. Night and Day – (Cole Porter) 6:06
  8. Vissi d’arte – (Giacomo Puccini) 2:56

Eddie Barbash – saxophone, Kako Miura and Lavinia Pavlish – violins, Andrew Griffin – viola, Malcolm Parson – cello, Dave Speranza – bass, Gabe Schnider – guitar, Joe Saylor – drums (except on Vissi d’arte) Arranged by Kyle Athayde