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Renowned trumpet player and composer Sean Jones, compares Marius’ writing to that of a contemporary Horace Silver. This is no small feat, given that Silver is one of the most influential jazz pianists and composers of the 20th century. The album “New York Knock’ will be released on January 14th ’24 and solely contains Marius’ authentic compositions, which, besides Sean Jones, have gained recognition from numerous highly esteemed jazz musicians.

Award winning jazz pianist and composer Marius Van Den Brink’s soon to be released album features a supergroup of jazz musicians consisting of Sean Jones, Stacy Dillard, Matt Penman, Willie Jones III, and Keita Ogawa. In addition, several special guests like Maurice Brown and Ara Dinkjian make appearances throughout the album.

The album title track and it’s first to be released single ‘New York Knock’ tells the compelling story of Marius’ experience of moving to New York City after being born and raised in a tiny village in the northern part of the Netherlands. ‘Knock’ serves as a synonym for ‘wake up call, symbolizing Marius’ realization of the vibrant music culture in New York and how that has changed him and his playing. ‘It is also a reminder to myself to keep going out, meet new musicians, play together and to listen to music. New York is a place where you can get life changing opportunities if you’re at the right place and time. The song features master jazz trumpeter Sean Jones.

‘New York Knock’ has been recorded in March 2023 in the Big Orange Sheep Studio in Brooklyn. Alongside the studio album Marius also recorded a, later to be released, live album at Dizzy’ Club, Jazz At Lincoln Center. ’I wanted to experience the same songs with the same band in both a live and a studio setting’. The live album is scheduled for release in the summer of 2024.

New York Knock is primarily a jazz album, yet it displays Marius fascination with various music genres.

In his second single release ‘Camara’ Marius pays tribute to Natu Camara, a West African vocalist with whom he has collaborated frequently, by naming the song after her. The track captures the essence of Natu’s stage presence, which is characterized by an unwavering spirit. African rhythms are featured throughout the song, and it is further elevated by the exceptional tenor saxophone performance by Stacy Dillard. Dillard remains one of Marius’ most significant influences.

Marius composed a stunning ballad entitled ‘Margot’ in honor of his one -year-old daughter. The song embodies her beauty and her pure spirit.

The song JIN has an interesting twist with a Latin inspired feel to it. It features the accomplished Matt Penman on bass. His unique sound and bass playing uplift the song to a different level. Additionally, Marius’ Fender Rhodes playing adds the perfect finishing touch to the song’s overall sound.

The track ‘Coral Sun’ features two special guests. Trumpeter Maurice Brown, renowned for his work with Anderson .Paak and Silk Sonic, brilliantly sets the mood of the song with his muted trumpet. This short yet impactful ‘vamp like’ song also showcases an outstanding guitar solo by Michael Valeanu, who is recognized for his collaborations with Cyrille Aimée

Marius pays tribute to the legendary Harlem stride piano cofounder and player, Willie the Lion Smith, with his song “The Lion.” While studying Smith’s compositions, Marius discovered that he currently resides at the same address as where Smith passed away in 1973. As a result, Marius dedicated this piece to Smith and his huge contribution to jazz music. The phenomenal drummer Willie Jones III is being featured on this track, delivering an exceptional solo at the end of the song.

“Spinning The Rabbit” highlights the musical talents of three amazing musicians: Robert Edwards, Taulant Mehmeti, and Keita Ogawa, who is renowned for his work with the band Snarky Puppy. Each musician receives a brief solo feature, showcasing their outstanding skills and musicianship.

The final track on the album, “In Greece We Drink,” serves as a prime example of Marius’ diverse tastes in music. The song has a distinct Mediterranean feel and has a completely different band featuring non-Western instruments such as the Oud and the Kanun. The track highlights the exceptional talents of the astoundingly gifted musicians Ara Dinkjian, Ismail Lumanovski, Tamer Pinarbasi, Panagiotis Andreou, and Engin Gunaydin. “In Greece We Drink” is dedicated to the memory of a friend’s father.

After making a name for himself among jazz enthusiasts worldwide with his previous album “Blauw,” featuring Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts and Ingrid Jensen, Marius’ album “New York Knock” promises to take his career to even greater heights. What makes this album stand out is Marius distinct style of composition along with a personal story woven into each song. This combined with the exceptional musicianship results in a truly unique and memorable musical voyage.

The album release accompanied by the album release concert takes place on January 14th ’24 at Dizzy’s Club, Jazz at Lincoln Center at 5pm.

Marius will be featured on New York TV station, PIX 11 in the program ‘New York Living’ on January 12th ‘24. He will be interviewed about the upcoming album and the release show.