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Release of Now Is The Time.  Starting in 2018, the hallmark funk/rhythm ensemble PLEASURE began recording at a state of the art studio in Portland, Oregon, their original situs.  From their extensive collection of these studio funk, jazz, and pop recordings, the band’s first full feature release, “Now Is The Time” was issued in 2019, under their own Pleasure Records label, and under the radar of industry reviewers and radio stations.

Despite its release without fanfare the album was rated among the top 20 funk releases of 2019 by FUNKTOPIA (see their website), and their single, “One More Time” was rated the number 13 RnB single for 2019 in the U.K.  Whether a close, or critical listen is given to any of the eight selections of this excellent production, the listener will be quickly assured and satisfied that the core group members and composers of Pleasure’s signature hits, bassist Nathaniel Phillips, keyboardist Michael Hepburn, Saxophonist Dennis Springer, and Guitarist Doug Lewis, have remained committed to maintaining the signature sound they established in the early and mid 1970’s.  They now integrate their mature composition skills and musicianship with contemporary recording technology and new contributing artistic talent to forge musical innovation in ways that have always been the signature of Pleasure’s artistic approach.

We Can Rise. The single, “We Can Rise” is Pleasure’s 2020 release.  The single leads off with a powerful reminder from the 2012 reelection speech of Former President Barack Obama that, “In this country we rise and fall as one nation, as one people,” as Pleasure’s musical contribution to the needed focus upon the current critical moment of crises facing our nation and our world.