"As a first-time CD artist with no prior public profile, I could not have been happier with the services that Mark and Josh at Groov Marketing provided for me in promoting my new CD over the radio. I retained Groov Marketing upon the recommendation of my producer and, to be frank, had little idea of what to expect. Mark shepherded me through the process of radio promotion from start to finish, setting goals for chart position and tempering any unreasonable expectations. It is clear that the team has deep ties with the music directors of jazz radio stations around the country (and some others -- I got airplay in Canada, the UK, South Africa and France), who trust them to send quality material to them. From what I can tell, Mark and Josh are in fairly close contact with the stations over the promotion period, soliciting feedback from the stations and following through with stations that have not reached a decision about whether to put a CD "in play." I received a report from them every Friday, with spreadsheets noting chart position, and goals for the next week. What struck me as extraordinary about the team was their responsiveness to any questions, comments or issues I might have had over the promotion period. Mark and I corresponded mostly through e-mail, and any e-mails I sent to him received an almost immediate, and appropriate, response. Since I tend to send e-mails at times other than normal business hours, I actually had to tell Mark that he could hold off responding to some of my e-mails until the next business day. One does not often receive that level of service. While I did not ultimately achieve the agreed hoped-for goal of cracking the top 50 in the Jazz Week charts, although we did reach number 61, this is something I can't fault the GroovMarketing team. They are consummate professionals who know how to do their jobs well and advocate for their clients. They get a five star review from me! Thanks, Groov Marketing."