".....For many years now, I've had the pleasure of having my recordings placed in the eminently capable hands of Mark Rini and Josh Ellman of GROOV Marketing. Though, as a musician, one might want to believe in the purity of the communication, and that the music can and will find its audience all on its own. Well, that's just not the case! A CD is released only once and, as the artist, you have but one chance to do the right thing to help your music reach its 'target' audience, and beyond. By that I mean that you have to reach average, ordinary people - not just other musicians. And for that, you need the support of Jazz radio. I can honestly say that without the expert advice and help of GROOV Marketing, my recordings could have easily slipped into total obscurity. I am and will remain ever grateful to both Mark and Josh for their expertise and hard work on my behalf!!! Wishing you guys decades more of success!!!"